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BBC2 - 2009

LINDSAY DUNCAN as Margaret Thatcher
IAN McDIARMID - Denis Thatcher
JAMES FOX as Charles Powell
ROBERT HARDY as Willie Whitelaw
OLIVER COTTAN as Michael Heseltine
KEVIN McNALLY as Kenneth Clarke
ROY MARSDEN as Norman Tebbit
and JOHN SESSIONS as Geoffrey Howe

Original Music - Dominic Muldowney
Cinematographer - David Odd
Editor - Bill Diver
Casting Director - Rachel Freck
Production Designer - David Roger
Costume Designer - James Keast

Directed by James Kent

Written by Richard Cottan

Producer – Sanne Wohlenberg

Executive Producers – Robert Cooper and Kate Triggs

Sales: BBC Worldwide

2010 BAFTA award - Best Production Design: David Roger for MARGARET!

“sensationally good... absolutely brilliant“ – Simon Schama

Margaret Thatcher. Love her or loathe her, we all live in her legacy. Her face, her voice, her turns of phrase, her clothes, her hair – these things are indelibly printed on not just every British adult’s mind, but also on the consciousness of millions of people around the world who saw her – a woman – as the world’s most powerful symbol of capitalism, nationalism and conservatism. But despite the strength of the brand image, we never really knew Margaret Thatcher the person. Perhaps that’s because she never let her guard down – not until that day her car drew away from Downing Street for the last time and the public finally saw Margaret Thatcher in tears.

Written by Richard Cottan and directed by James Kent, MARGARET is an intimate portrayal of a leader desperately clinging to power whilst one by one, her once loyal cabinet turn its back on her.

At the heart of this film is an extraordinary performance by Lindsay Duncan as Margaret Thatcher. She offers us a glimpse of the woman behind the public persona, a woman on the brink of ruin, whose belief in her invincibility was ultimately her undoing. This film is about her humiliating downfall.

The stellar cast includes Ian McDiarmid as Denis Thatcher, James Fox as Charles Powell, Robert Hardy as Willie Whitelaw, Oliver Cotton as Michael Heseltine, Kevin McNally as Kenneth Clarke, Michael Maloney as John Major, Roy Marsden as Norman Tebbit, Nicholas Le Prevost as Douglas Hurd and John Sessions as Geoffrey Howe.

MARGARET was broadcast to great acclaim in February 2009, achieving an audience of 2.6 million – one of BBC2’s highest performing dramas of 2009.

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